Visitor Activities

Hiking trails: Hike any or all of the hiking trails on the property (weather permitting).
Earth Lodge Trail: Hard surfaced (patio to earth lodge) over grassland
Birding Trail: Woodchip surface, between Center and river overlook, through timber
DeBruce River Overlook Trail: Woodchip surface patio to overlook, through timber
Limestone Bluff Trail: Partial woodchip, partial forest floor, connects earth lodge to river overlook, in timber
Meadow Trail: Grass surface, 2+miles (options for shorter distance), connects picnic area at South end of lot with the area on West side of property
Visit a full sized replica Native American Earth Lodge: Interpretation brochure available at registration desk
Visit the area where the Missouri River Re-enacting Corps have built a log cabin: Where they are carving out a cottonwood canoe and where they re enact during the PM on the 2nd Sunday of each month from May to October.
Two Picnic Areas: One near the building and one at the South end of the parking lot
Indoor exhibits: Three floors of Interactive exhibits suitable for all ages
Lewis & Clark movie: 32 min. in length, tells the story of the river and the expedition
Gift Shop/Bookstore: Good selection of Lewis & Clark books, maps, clothing, and other related item for all ages.