Special Events

Lewis and Clark Grounds

The Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Center has space available to rent for board meetings, business meetings, dinners, luncheons, parties and other types of gatherings.  The spaces, their descriptions, and fees associated with their rental follow below.


The classroom is equipped with tables and cushioned chairs for approximately 18 people on the 2nd floor.  The room would be ideal for smaller gatherings such as board meetings and private classes.  The room does contain a sink and coffee maker to use at your convenience. 

1-4 hour rental:  $100.00

4-8 hour rental:  $200.00



The theater seats approximately 55 people and has a podium and a 60 inch TV (capable of playing DVDs).  Also we have a large projection screen if you were to bring in your own projector.  We recommend that you come in prior to your event to check that your DVD will play on our system without any issues.  It is not our responsibility to ensure that it will.  The room can be seated like a theater or we can put in long or round tables to customize your function.  This space is not available for rent during regular business hours.  Please contact our staff for possible exceptions. 

1-4 hour rental:  $200.00

4-8 hour rental:  $400.00


Lower Level Commons Area

The lower level commons area can handle up 80 people for a sit down meal or meeting.  This space is not available for rent during regular business hours.  If someone wishes to rent the lower level commons area for a reception, the earliest that we will tear down our exhibits and set up tables is 4pm.  The space may then be rented out for a minimum of 5:00-9:00pm for $400.  There is an additional $100 per hour additional fee for any time used after that.  The exhibits will be cleared out, the tables will be setup and the area vacuumed by 5:00 pm.  Guests are then welcome to decorate for their event.  Renters would need to make arrangements for their own caterer, but there is a kitchen available with a microwave, refrigerator, range, counter space and tables.  The center is only responsible in providing the bare tables and chairs already set up.  We do not have linens, dishes, silverware, etc.  All decorative items are the responsibility of the renter.  We do allow alcohol on the premises, but if you are going to have a cash bar for a reception, the caterer that you hire must have a liquor license.  The MRB-Lewis & Clark Center does NOT have a liquor license. 

Lower Level Commons Area - $400.00 Rental only available 5:00-9:00pm. 

The 9:00pm rental time is the expected exit of the building by renter and guests.  Any additional time you may need after 9:00pm is $100 per hour.  


Weddings held at the MRB L&C Center may be located on the patio.  We have available 120 chairs.  WE DO NOT SEAT MORE THAN 120 people.  For small weddings we put out 60 chairs the morning of the wedding.  For large weddings we put out 120 chairs on the morning of the wedding.  All decoration or extra items are dependent on the renter.  We do not offer anything other than the space and the chairs.  The fees below for the location are for weddings only.  If you would like to use the classroom to get ready or have the reception here at the center, the cost for the rental of those spaces are separate and would be in addition to the price of the wedding.

Small Wedding (60 chairs) - $300.00

Large Wedding (120 chairs) - $500.00

Please contact the center if you are interested!