Upper Level Animal Facility

Lewis & Clark recorded 122 animals new to science in their journals. You can view each of them in one form or another in the Visitor’s Center.

The Great Hall is on the loft level. Mounts of some of the large animals observed by Lewis and Clark are placed in action, reminiscent of the way mountain goats, pronghorn, elk and other animals were seen by the Corps of Discovery on the plains and bluffs along the river.

Get up close and personal with a full sized buffalo, a black bear and her cub, a bobcat, a wolf, a bull elk and be surprised, as Lewis was, by a grizzly bear that growls at visitors from behind some trees. You can also see a Rocky Mountain Goat, a Mule Deer and a Beaver.

On the outdoor trails deer, turkeys, raccoons and other living creatures can be spotted depending on the time of day and the time of the year and the good fortune of the hiker.